I remember the overwhelming anxiety that descended upon me when our state’s governor issued a stay-at-home order. I’m a pastor, which means anxiety shouldn’t be part of my everyday experience, but I’m also human – immediately I was concerned about the future of our church and spiritual health of our congregation. How can a pastor lead a church while everyone is stuck at home?

Reaching out to a friend who pastors a church in another state to commiserate and grumble turned out to be one of the best phone calls of my life. He reminded me that God can still accomplish His purposes whether we’re meeting in person or if we’re temporarily gathering through Zoom calls, live streams, and text messages. Then he asked a rhetorical question which God ultimately used to grow our church:

Your people need to hear from you now more than ever but how can you communicate with them when you can’t be with them?

Communication is a critical role for pastors and church leaders, especially in the shadow of COVID-19. We can still teach, preach, lead, comfort, and reassure the people God has entrusted to us if we leverage the right communication tools.

That’s why I hired a communications director.

Ours is not a large church and the thought of adding to our personnel budget during a global pandemic made me cringe but I knew we needed to think differently about reaching our congregation and community during quarantine. In other words, I didn’t think our church could afford to not hire a communications director.

We made some space for a part-time position in our budget, I prepared a job description (you can download it here), and begged God to lead us to the perfect person to help us point people to the hope available to them in Jesus. Over the last two months, our church’s social media accounts have engaged with more people than ever, an article about our church’s creative approach to ministry has appeared in the local newspaper, our adult Bible study groups have more people in attendance than ever before, and our online audience on Sunday mornings is now twice the size of our congregation before the stay-at-home order was issued.

As your state’s governor moves through phases to ease restrictions, your church members and community will need to know how and when they can engage with the various ministries you offer. Your communication will need to be clear and accessible over the next few weeks – have you considered recruiting or hiring a communications director? I’m sure glad we did!

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