Central Community Church’s search time thought hiring a new youth minister would be quick and easy. Call a couple Bible colleges and do a few interviews. But they made a mistake—one many churches make—and what could have taken a few months turned into a costly, year-long process that left the youth group floundering and the church leadership ready to tear out their hair…

As a pastor who has hired dozens of staff members, this scenario is both familiar and painful. Thankfully, I've discovered that hiring can be quick and easy—but only if your church covers all these bases…

  1. Pray
    This is the most important step in the hiring process. Ask God to allow you and your team to view candidates from His perspective. Ask Him to bless the process and your future staff member. Invite others from your church to join you in seeking God’s wisdom.
  2. Prepare a job description
    For example, it’s not enough to say you’re looking for a student pastor—you’ve got to spell out precisely what that means. Be sure your job description casts the vision your church has for ministry within your congregation and in the community. Define the duties of the position and describe your church culture. If you have requirements—that a candidate have a Bible college degree, for instance—say so. The job description you create is the first impression a future staff member will have of your church and leadership style, so be sure it reflects the heart of both.
  3. Post your job description—selectively
    You can catch a prize fish by tossing a net in the water or baiting a hook. If you toss a net—if you post your job description anywhere and everywhere—you’ll catch lots of fish but have to toss most back. It’s far better to go after that perfect trout by placing your bait in the right place at the right time. That’s true for fish…and true for student pastors (or any position you need to hire). You can avoid endless interviews by landing in front of the right candidates—and it’s worth getting help to make that happen.
  4. Be ready to hire
    If you’ll use a hiring team or committee from within your church, allow time to recruit and train them. Decide on how long to accept resumes and how you’ll gather the necessary background information through reference checks, interview assessments, and background check authorizations. There are legal considerations; know what they are and how to respect them. This is the step Central Community neglected to nail down and their fumbling follow-up cost them the chance to hire several great candidates who simply couldn’t wait and moved on to other ministries.
  5. Keep praying—all through the process
    God knows who will be a great fit for your congregation, so ask Him to speak into the process and listen closely for His guidance. Nothing—absolutely nothing—is more important than prayer as you seek to add a team member on your staff.

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6. And a bonus tip: Make your new staff member’s first day memorable
Have business cards on their desk along with a basket of goodies – complete with a signed card from everyone on your team and a gift certificate for the best restaurant in town. Assign someone from your staff team to help your new hire understand and thrive in your church and community. This insight is best shared over coffee at your favorite local coffee shop!

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