Earlier this week, my man-child introduced me to a millennial business concept, the “48-hour startup”. My face must have betrayed my ignorance because he went on to describe, in near-condescending tones, that a 48-hour startup was a business idea that moved from conception to reality in 48 hours or less. Seems simple enough to understand, right?

Perhaps my skeptic hat was on a little too tight that day, but after Bryan spent 2 of those precious 48 hours explaining the idea to his somewhat dense father, I didn’t think he’d have enough time to execute little more than a lemonade stand.

Boy, was I wrong!

He didn’t invent the next Google or anything, but his invention came from a good and helpful place. He was concerned that many of his contemporaries were averse to the written word, so he developed a website that listed the favorite books of the rich, famous, and/or important. Do you want to know what George Washington read to (perhaps) summon the courage to forge across the frozen Delaware? Want to know from which author Albert Einstein gleaned knowledge when he was taking a break from noodling the theory of relativity? My boy’s got the info, complete with a link to his Amazon account.

Pretty clever, eh? Yet another problem solved by capitalism and boredom…

Seriously, though – his idea got my gray matter swirling around. As a pastor ministering in a pandemic, I now know today’s challenges will not be solved by yesterday’s solutions. What does ministry look like in a socially distant world? What if I gathered the best, brightest, and most faith-filled friends in my circle to spend 48 hours addressing the best ways to minister to our community?

Also, I can adopt this approach to address shortcomings in my own life – I’ve got a long list of woes to tackle. Instead of attempting to fix everything at the same time (a fool’s errand), why not focus on one thing over the next couple of days to begin the process of reversing a bad habit?

I don’t know what that is for you. I’ve already figured out mine and I think I know the one thing to pay attention to over the next 48 hours. If you get stuck, do what I did – find a trustworthy friend to tell you what needs to be shored up in your life. If they’re your true friend, they’ll tell you.

Whether you’re going to go at it solo or with a wingman, spend some time figuring out a 48-hour RE-startup in your life. Those closest to you will notice and appreciate it! Ask God to give you His wisdom as you invest in yourself to make you into a better you.

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